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What is IBS?   What Clients Say: "I knew IBS was holding me back personally and professionally.  I'd bought some books to try understand IBS and it mentioned hypnotherapy.  I tried a self hypnosis MP3 and it helped but I needed professional help. I was concerned about eating out, taxis, coach journeys and the tube, staying over at people's houses, even going to the cinema.  Medication was turning into a protection mechanism.  I had accepted IBS and was living with it rather than trying to solve it. 
When I came to the first meeting I thought the issue would simply be erased from my memory. When I came out the first couple of sessions I was surprised by what came out and I thought I understood why I had IBS.  However, it took about four sessions before I released the complexity of the issue.  It's not like traditional medicine, you can't take a pill and everything is okay.  After the sessions you start to understand how the problem came about and you realise how silly it is.

I still have moments when I get anxious but I don't panic.  I make more of an effort to see and talk to my friends.  I'm performing better at work and I'm becoming more confident.  I'm also able to laugh at myself more, IBS stems from silly, outdated experiences and there's too much to look forward to."  S.M. London
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"The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) states there is good evidence for hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for IBS.
Harley Street clinical hypnotherapist David Samson explains how he has been successfully treating IBS for fourteen years"

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